What Is A Domain Name?
This is the web address your business’ websites can be accessed on. For example, our domain name is web-hosting-uk.comEvery site is hosted on an internet web server, or a “host”. Computers access these hosts using an IP – a string of numbers like – but that’s not very memorable for human beings.A “domain name” converts an IP address to a more memorable, text-based version so that people don’t need to punch in a huge string of numbers to find the websites they want.Think of your domains like web addresses – the place people will find you online.
Your Own Branded E-mail Address
Having your own domain name makes you look professional, credible and unique with an email forwarding address customized to your domain. You can forward all mail sent to your forwarding account to any other email so you can look professional without needing to create a new address.
gTLD stands for generic Top-Level Domain. It’s a category of extensions that are alternatives to the traditional .com, .co.uk and .net domain roots.Also called ‘new gTLDs’ or ‘nTLDs’, these are just a few of the hundreds of new names to search for that have been released recently for businesses and individuals to use.These gTLDs vary from practical extensions such as .web or .tech, to location-based ones such as .london or .wales, and even catchy extensions such as .ninja or .xyz. Check if yours is available now.
What Is DNS?
The Domain Name System (DNS) is the internet’s equivalent of a phone book, converting the text-based web addresses you’re used to seeing into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (a string of numbers corresponding to a place on a web server).While machines access websites based on their individual IP, it’s much easier for people to remember a web address such as company.name than an IP like
Thinking of buying that new domain for your business? Maybe you're a blogger? A domain name can be used for any of your ideas simply to get it out there online. We include a variety of domain names from .com to .biz at affordable prices starting from £9.99 per year.

We also include other services to go with your domain including our UK Cloud Web Hosting which includes cPanel Control Panel for managing your account with tonnes of features and Wordpress Web Hosting to start making your own website!
  • DNS Management
  • Manage Your Account
  • Online Support
  • Custom Nameservers
Need Help Ordering?
We are here to assist you in ordering your domain and hosting services, you can get in touch by chatting with us live using the chat box in the bottom right of this page. Should it be out of hours please leave your e-mail address and we'll get back to you. Alternatively you can submit a ticket below (you will need to register an account with us).
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