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December 15, 2016
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Start A Blogging Website

Guide To Start A Blogging Website

Starting a blogging website can be confusing especially if you don't know where to start, but in this blog we'll tell you step by step to get you online in no time.

Choose your blog topic

Firstly and possibly the most important is the subject you want to talk about. From reading this blog i'm guessing you already have a good idea what you want to talk about and choosing your topic of discussion you should be confident what you want to write.

Keep it easy to read

To keep your readers interested a good rule is to keep it easy on the eye. What do we mean by this? Basically don't write your blogs as one big block of writing, instead keep it to several lines as you can see from our page making it easier to read. When you've finished your blog read it and proof check your content to correct any spelling and grammar mistakes, this makes it easier for you and other people reading to understand easier.

Let your readers have their say

Letting your readers join in the conversation and have their say is always a good option and gets them involved into the topic. Comments are by default added to WordPress websites allowing users to comment. If your comments are disabled in WordPress they can be enabled by going to settings then discussion.

enable wordpress comments

Ok now you know what you want to talk about the next step is to get you online.

A domain for your blog

If you are choosing to go down the route of wanting your own domain (website) then choosing a name related to your topic is always good for anyone coming to your site as they immediately know what you are about. For example would be specifically for web hosting or for IT services. We would recommend a for UK and .com is for worldwide depending on who your audience is.

If you are looking for somewhere to write just a small blog without having to buy a domain we would recommend These offer a free subdomain so your website URL will look like the following but would recommend buying a domain name if you are serious about blogging.

Your blogging website needs hosting

As with all domains these need web hosting as your domain acts as a website user connects to and web hosting is storage for your domain (if you are using the free hosting option with this is not required).

You'll need to order your WordPress hosting from a hosting provider such as ourselves and go through the order process to complete your order.

Once your order is complete or during your order process you will of been given the web providers name servers and will need to update these in your domains DNS settings to link your domain with your hosting. If you are using our WordPress hosting our name servers are IP
and IP
. If you are unsure how to do this simply create a ticket and we'll help you update your name servers

Setting up your WordPress blog

Ok presuming your domain and hosting is now completed you can now login into your WordPress website which is generally your domain name followed by /wp-admin to log into the back of your site.

wordpress login screen

Don't forget to setup your website by firstly deleting any posts in the posts section.

deleting wordpress posts

You may want to also delete or edit the sample page if you want a page rather than a post as your homepage. This depends if you are wanting to use a page as a homepage or a post as a home either of which you can choose.

deleting sample page

You may also want to remove your widgets on your page or edit them.

remove wdigets wordpress

You might want to setup your homepage and blog page, to do this go to appearance, customize, then static pages.

appearance customize wordpress static front page wordpress

Choose a free theme for your website! WordPress comes with lots of free themes to design your website quick and easy using ready-made-templates for you to add your content, simply go to appearance, themes and add new.

themes wordpress

Finally when doing your blog posts search engines can find you easier if you specify your title name in your post name and you can do this by going to settings, permalinks and then choosing post name. Don't forget to save for the new settings to take effect.

permalinks WordPress post name WordPress

Your WordPress site is now setup and ready.

Did you know Web Hosting UK provides WordPress Hosting?

Walk through guide on how to start your own blog.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Thanks for the tips! I already have a blog but this is really helpful and a good reminder!

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